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Euro-Canadian Ministries is a Scripture-based teaching ministry. We focus on teaching The Creator's Laws and Israelite History and Lifestyle to to the true descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. On this site, you will discover your heritage, the gift of redemption and the necessity of repentance and observing The Creator's Covenant and Laws. Contrary to the teachings of Apostate Christianity, we will prove that The Creator's Laws are eternal, that they were observed by The Messiah and His Apostles, and that they were not replaced by faith, grace and lawlessness.

We reject all forms of paganism and idolatry and follow only Yahweh's True Path. We honor The Creator and His Son's true names; we do not mention the names of idols (e.g., Lord, God); and we do not follow man-made holidays and traditions. We believe that there is a delicate balance between faith-grace and obedience-judgment in this day and age.

Please note that this ministry exists solely to expound on Biblical teachings. Since it is YHWH (Yahweh) who determines the roles, responsibilities and destinies of the peoples of this earth, we reject all forms of supremicism, racism, hatred and discrimination. Also, since YHWH is our provider and protector, we do not advocate or participate in violence in any way, shape or form.

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Scripture and history confirm that ALL twelve tribes were taken into captivity by the Assyrians with the exception of a small remnant of the tribes of Yahudah, Benjamin and Levi that were living in the environs of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem). This remnant was later taken into the Babylonian captivity.

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